~ MangeMerde Musings: Batman is a BASTARD!



There’s no doubt about it at all, Batman is a total bastard! According to several news organizations, including the New York Post, the most current incarnation of Batman’s sidekick Robin (“aka” Damian Wayne, the 10 year old son of Bruce Wayne “aka” Batman) will die, being killed off in Batman,…


An official post of my Harry Potter Valentines (including some new ones I didn’t post last night) !

The Hagrid one is kind of like… an insulting Valentine. So you can give it to your enemy to let them know you still don’t like them, but you wanted to include them on this emotional Hallmark holiday. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! (bit early, woops)

-Kjersti (new york kitty)


That never stops being funny. ;)

~ The Imaginary Empire: Who Died On This Date: Gene Roddenberry





Gene Roddenberry

DOB: August 19, 1921

Passed Away: October 24, 1991

Creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry was a visionary. Forget about the fact that his show was about outer space exploration, encountering alien races,…

why would you post something like this? ;A; 

How could you not?

(Source: celebituaries)